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RE: jpegPhoto in ldif file -viewing

This list is for discussions related to the development of
OpenLDAP software.  Your question of how to configure a
use/configure a particular client should be taken to a
forum specific to that client.

If you have a general question on how to integrate LDAP
information on web pages (such as which ldap->http gateway
to use), our might try posting to our "general" mailing list.


At 12:00 PM 7/27/99 -0600, Wiersema, Todd wrote:
>Once the jpeg is base 64 encoded and in ldap, how is it viewed?  I tried an
>ldap url in netscape 4.07 and it just displayed the encoded text.  Do I need
>a different client that converts back and displays the image correctly or do
>I have another problem?  Is there another approach commonly used for viewing
>via web?