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Re: HEADS UP: specifying slapd listeners

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> I've updated the SLAPD startup arguments to better handle
> binding to specific addresses in lieu of TLS and other
> additional listeners.  You can now have N listeners (of
> which a subset can be TLS).  The default is "ldap:///";.

Terrific!  I am very happy you did that and extend the listeners
to a list of pointers.  I was too tired to do it myself but it was
the only thing that would make sense in the long run.  Nothing
like doing something wrong to trigger someone to do it right.

Now an idea.  Could we use the extensions in the URL to specify things
like the locale setting?  Or, gasp, a charset like was shown to be
needed to support legacy, off-site, clients without duplicating data?

And is this in daemon.c safe?:

		if( isdigit( lud->lud_host[0] ) ) {

> I'll likely add ACL support for bind address/port, peer
> address/port, and TLS status soon.

I'm ecstasic.  I can barely wait...