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HEADS UP: referrals and aliases

I just committed a new SLAPD implementation of referrals and aliases.
This code is rather experimental and will likely have some bugs.

Referrals are based upon the IETF LDAPext namedref draft.  The code
is designed to produce either LDAPv3 or U-Mich referrals depending
on the protocol level of the client.  The LDAPv3 referral
implementation is untested (as the client API doesn't yet understand
v3 references/referrals).

The alias code is also completely rewritten.  Suffix aliasing has
been removed as it made responding with the corrected matched dn
nearly impossible to implement.  For users wanting to alias a
suffix, you must add a backend suffix and then an alias object
for the suffix you want to alias.  That is:

1) configure slapd with:
	# new tree
	suffix "dc=fubar,dc=com"
	# old tree
	suffix "o=fubar,c=us"

2) add new root:
	objectclass: organization
	objectclass: dcObject

3) add alias for old root
	aliasedObjectName: dc=fubar,dc=com
	objectclass: alias
	objectclass: extensibleObject

4) search away

Note: aliases only effect searching (and only when deref is
set approriately).  The old code did not enforce this behavior.