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HEADS UP: slapd LDAPv3 commits

I've just committed a number of EXPERIMENTAL LDAPv3 features to
slapd including:

operational attributes will only be returned if requested.
subschemaSubentry will be returned when requested.
Operational attributes are subject to "no user modification" and
access controls checks.  Extensible filters need to be implemented
(volunteers welcomed).

Disconnect notifications will now be returned any BER decoding
failure and terminate session.  Disconnection notifications should
also be sent when slapd disconnects for non-unbind reasons (volunteers

Controls will be parsed.  If any are marked critical, an
unavailableCriticalExtension error will be returned as no controls
are implemented (volunteers welcomed).  

Extended operations will be parsed but as none are implemented
(volunteers welcomed), a disconnect notification will be sent
(and the session terminated).

SASL binds will be parsed but as no mechanisms are implemented
(volunteers welcomed), an authMethodNotSupported error will be

Just a little bit closer to OpenLDAP 2.0-alpha...


PS: volunteers welcomed!