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slapd -- do_delete dn case normalization.

do_delete in slapd/delete.c does a case normalization of the
distinguished name.

>  dn_normalize_case(ndn);

The entry that I was trying to delete had a lower-case attribute value
in the dn.
Another entry was deleted instead.  In other words,  I tried to delete
the dn
"FOO=bar ..." and the dn "FOO=BAR ..." was deleted.  These were two
entries.  I could believe that it is not recommended to have two
different entries that
are the same text but capitalized differently, but as far as I can tell
(I did not find
anything saying that this was case insensitive), this should be allowed.

I am relatively new to using LDAP so I could easily believe that I'm
missing something,
but this does seem like a problem to me.