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Re: notification of connection closure to database backends.

Howard Chu wrote:

> This sounds good to me. The same thing is needed in the LDAP backend. I
> never pursued it there, but it is certainly a loose end.

Ah, nice to hear I'm not the only one who needs this functionality.
Since it's such a small patch and it does not affect anything if you don't
register the notification functions, I took the liberty to directly commit it
to -devel. I hope I haven't been impolite :-)

How to use the patch:

In the initialization routine of your backend fill in
backend_info.bi_connection_init or backend_info.bi_connection_destroy, e.g.:

        bi->bi_connection_init = ldap_back_on_connection_init;
        bi->bi_connection_destroy = ldap_back_on_connection_destroy;

int ldap_back_on_connection_init(Backend *be, Connection *conn);
int ldap_back_on_connection_destroy(Backend *be, Connection *conn);

That's all.

Good luck,


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