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Re: Using LDAP for mail distribution

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> I, for one, would love to see mail500 be enhanced.  I think
> handling ldap lookups in the local delivery agent offers
> some benefits not found in sendmail's built in ldapx lookup
> mechanism.

I find sendmail ldapx useless.  Does not meet any of my needs.
Latest versions can be used for alias expansion, but that's as
far as it gets.

> You might consider using ldap_init_getfilter(3) and friends
> as a mechanism for externalizing the configuration of filters.

Well, it sort of breaks the concept of using LDAP URLs.  I'll see
if I can overload the filter field in them to specify that the
ldapfilter.conf file has to be used and a tag to use.  This way
different tags can be used on different search bases.

> I'm also interested in implementing "MajorLDAP"... a fully
> featured, directory-enabled mailing list manager.

I think the current functionality when complemented with the
semantics needed to support Netscape's mailGroup can get close to
the functionality needed by a general purpose MLM.  Unless I am
overlooking something...

> I'd be happy to review your changes.

The hard part is keeping compatibility with the current stuff, first
versions will probably break some of the more exotic parts.  Should
I upload to incoming when I have something (full source? patch?)
or should I create a branch on CVS?