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OpenLDAP and Microsoft ADSI (Was: NT PORT and Windows 2000 Server)

Greg Duncan wrote:

>Active Directory Services Interface ....
>Has anybody given thought to leveraging the the SDK for the windows
>environment, I offer this quote from MSDN. Yes, I know a hundred reasons
>why we shouldn't, but it is an interesting piece of information.
>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Microsoft Service
>The Microsoft® Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) Provider
>Version 1.0 allows ADO to access heterogeneous directory services
>through ADSI. This gives ADO applications read-only access to the
>Microsoft Windows NT® 4.0 directory services, as well as to any LDAP
>compliant directory service and Novell Directory Services. ADSI itself
>is based on a provider model, so if there is a new provider giving
>access to another directory, the ADO application will be able to access
>it seamlessly. The ADSI provider is free-threaded and unicode-enabled.

You can easily use ADSI with Visual Basic to query, create and modify
in an OpenLDAP directory. If someone needs a sample I will send it on

Tim Bosinius