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Re: Using LDAP for mail distribution

> From:    Julio =?iso-8859-1?Q?S=E1nchez=20Fern=E1ndez?= <j_sanchez@stl.es>
> To:      openldap-devel@OpenLDAP.org

> My goal is to be able to have the behaviour I want with some configuration
> file, while not losing the current functionality with an appropriate
> different configuration file.  The latter part I cannot test and I need
> help here.

I'd be happy to look at it.  I'm involved in replacing mail500's use on
the UMich campus.  I don't expect that any sort of sendmail mailer will
be acceptible here, as it's just terribly inefficient.  I am, however,
interested in your config file concepts.  What was the functionality
that you were aiming for?