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Re: Heads up: new schema support

John Kristian wrote:

> This is harder than it looks.  I implemented the matching rules part, in
> Netscape Directory Server 3.1, and I know the engineer who did the syntax
> part.  Would you like copies of the design documents?  I'll see if I can get
> permission to publish them.

Never too late, I'm intrigued about how you solved matching rules like
onjectIdentifierFirstComponentMatch and what do you do when a match is
required and no matching rule is known.  Also your approach to approx

> A notable pitfall: the keys (for indexing or sorting) of some matching rules
> need to be larger (more bytes) than the values from which they're computed.

I don't really see a problem, key normalization can produce anything, including
things with syntax different from that in the original data (as in the
a.m. matching rule).  So the current approach had to be abandoned.

I did not, however, know that it could get larger.  One case I can come up with
is when uppercasing German es-zet.