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Re: C++ (was: parser)

Predrag Balorda <balorda@bigfoot.com> writes:
> Change the compiler from C to C++ (C++ being able to compile C code) and
> then convert some internal structures and functions into classes. We
> will need some careful planning here, but I think it is doable.

Why C++?  Why not Objective C?

Greg Gallagher ... Systems Administrator, onShore, Inc.

        Also, C++ is intended to be all "type safe" and crap like that,
        trying to be all pristine and nice and well-defined and all set
        up to protect everyone from themselves, and what language do they
        choose as a stable foundation for this language? C! The biggest
        free-for-all "I'll just pass a pointer to your mother around and
        fake everybody out" language on the planet.  It's like giving an
        AK-47 to a monk, shooting him full of crack and letting him loose
        in a mall and expecting him to balance your checking account "when
        he has the time."
                    -- Drew Olbrich