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Re: new code for slapd as NT service

I backed the code out temporarily as it broke our UNIX builds.
Should be reintegrated soon.


At 01:01 PM 6/16/99 -0400, Gary Williams wrote:
>I have just pushed code to allow slapd to run as an NT service.
>Thanks to Paul Higgs for his submissions.  I've modified things
>to try to make the NT service routines shareable between slapd
>and slurpd (when it's ported).  This code is _very_ experimental.
>Please report any problems you find.  Thanks.
>To install slapd as service OpenLDAP:
>slapd install
>To remove OpenLDAP service:
>slapd remove
>To start the service:
>net start OpenLDAP
>To stop the service:
>net stop OpenLDAP
>This new version will get the port, debug level and config file
>name from the registry at:
>                                                DebugLevel:REG_DWORD
>                                                ConfigFile:REG_SZ
>There's not much checking, so be sure to make the value the right
>type.  A simple app to set up the parameters will be forthcoming
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