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new code for slapd as NT service

I have just pushed code to allow slapd to run as an NT service.
Thanks to Paul Higgs for his submissions.  I've modified things
to try to make the NT service routines shareable between slapd
and slurpd (when it's ported).  This code is _very_ experimental.
Please report any problems you find.  Thanks.

To install slapd as service OpenLDAP:
slapd install

To remove OpenLDAP service:
slapd remove

To start the service:
net start OpenLDAP

To stop the service:
net stop OpenLDAP

This new version will get the port, debug level and config file
name from the registry at:


There's not much checking, so be sure to make the value the right
type.  A simple app to set up the parameters will be forthcoming

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