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Hello all,

I wanted to inquire about the state of SSL/GSSAPI support in
OpenLDAP-devel.  I am about to port SSL and GSSAPI changes from our old
UMich source to the new OpenLDAP source.  I wanted to let everyone know
about my intentions, so as to not step on anyone's toes and to coordinate
with anyone else who is doing this same thing.  I also wanted to make sure
I implemented these functions in a consistent way with the rest of the
OpenLDAP team.

Since this is my first interaction with an open source project, I'm sure I
will have questions as to how to proceed.  I have read the guidelines for
submission of code on the OpenLDAP site.

My first question is, should I just implement the entire thing as I see
fit, then send it as one big diff file, or should I pose implementation
questions to the group as I go along?  My biggest concern is making sure I 
implement SSL and GSSAPI in a helpful and consistent way.

Thank you,