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Re: informix as backend?


We're working on a backend for our Oracle based user database. The user
data is stored in a simple table containg user ID, attribute name and
attribute value. A simple prototype has been built using CORBA and Java /
JDBC: A generic CORBA backend sends the request to a Java server with a
CORBA interface, which translates the search query to a SQL statement.
The Java server sends this stament through a JDBC connection to the
Let me know what your plans are, it might be interesting to join (part of
the) efforts.

Bastiaan Bakker

ÑÕ¼ª wrote:

> We have installed OpenLdap1.2 on SCO OpenServer 5.0. Now we use gdbm
> as its backend and it runs right. But we wish to use Informix-OnLine
> 7.2 as its backend. I have read the discussion(\"SQL Backend\") which
> posted some time ago, but still not clear what and how to do.
> If I rewrite /ldap/libraries/libldbm/ldbm.c, replace the functions(
> db_open,db_close...) by functions which execute open or close informix
> database, can this gain the end? If not, what can I do? Do I need to
> rewrite configure file and makefiles? Do I need ODBC?
> Any hints and opinions will be appreciated!
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