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Re: Proposed licensing change for OpenLDAP 2.0/-devel

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> The OpenLDAP Foundation would like to release OpenLDAP 2.0
> (and to OpenLDAP-devel) under a less restrictive license.  This
> goal is to promote wide use and redistribution of the Project's
> software while still protecting our name (which is actually
> done under trademark law)

Except that copyright law gets more or less universal enforcement
in most countries (thanks to the Berne Convention and the fact that
most countries have signed it), while trademarks have a local scope
and need to be re-registered (in many countries, trademarks have no
legal meaning unless registered) in each jurisdiction, the existance
of some multi-national patent and trademark offices notwithstanding.

So I think that some protections must always be kept in the license.
In case I did not mention it, IANAL, and this is just my understanding
of the legal issues.