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Re: informix as backend?

At 05:45 PM 6/4/99 +0800, ÑÕ¼ª wrote:
>We have installed OpenLdap1.2 on SCO OpenServer 5.0. Now we use gdbm
>as its backend and it runs right. But we wish to use Informix-OnLine
>7.2 as its backend. I have read the discussion(\"SQL Backend\") which
>posted some time ago, but still not clear what and how to do.

We suggest folks checkout one of the script engine based backends
in order to interface to SQL databases.  Some of these backends
were designed specifically with this in mind.  In particular,
see back-tcl and back-perl.

>If I rewrite /ldap/libraries/libldbm/ldbm.c, replace the functions(
>db_open,db_close...) by functions which execute open or close informix 
>database, can this gain the end? If not, what can I do? Do I need to
>rewrite configure file and makefiles? Do I need ODBC?

LDBM is designed to map onto key/value pair database managers.
It may not be well suited as a starting point to build a robust
slapd-RDBM or SLAPD-SQL backend.  You may want to write a
completely new backend, however I personally recommend you
prototype a solution first with back-tcl or back-perl.

I should note that both back-tcl and back-perl are -devel only
(to be released with 1.3).   For 1.2, see back-shell.