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multiple listener ports

> Julio Sánchez Fernández wrote:
> And I also would appreciate support for binding at several ports,
> so that one
> of them does SSL right away and the other only does it after the
> TLS_start (or
> whatever is its name) extended request.  That would mean a sort
> of 'server'
> configuration context in the same line as we have 'backend' configuration
> contexts.

That sounds good; it would also be nice to have a regular port config option
anyway, so you don't have to set the port number on the command line. I
guess it's sufficient to make this a global setting, as opposed to a
per-database setting.

How about:
	port <number> [<option>]
	port 1000 nossl	# never uses SSL
	port 5000		# can negotiate
	port 9000 ssl	# always uses SSL

(I doubt if "nossl" is actually a useful option. It was the best I could
come up with for a quick example.)