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Summary of -lldap/-llber changes

Over the last week I've committed a number of enhancements
to our development libraries to move them towards LDAPv3
and the LDAPext draft API spec.  I also resolved a number
of NT4 related issues.

The headers have been updated and, with a couple of minor
exceptions, are inline with the draft spec.  The most
significant change noticable by OpenLDAP programmers is
the 'const'ification of the API.  A few symbol names have
also been changed to adhere to namespace requirements.

In terms of LDAPv3 SDK support, we are actually very
close.  I've implemented encoding of LDAPv3 requests
(excepting sasl_bind) including support for controls.
I am current working on decoding and handling of
LDAPv3 responses.  I hope to have this completed soon.