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Re: ldbm database usage

David Boreham wrote:

> "Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> > I should also note that the IDList (ID_BLOCK) code is
> > terribly inefficient.  It uses for loops to move blocks
> > of data AND uses linear searches to find items in
> > sorted arrays.
> It's also extremely hard to understand in places.
> I found that changing to a binary search for
> ID insertions speeded up some operations significantly.
> FYI the plan is to kill off ID lists completely
> in Netscape Directory Server 5.0. There's new
> stuff in BerkeleyDB 2.6 which was added for this
> particular purpose. Basically the maintenance of the
> secondard index structures is pushed down into
> BDB, where it plays better with transactions.

 Will version 5 still be hardwired to Berkley DB or has this
changed? I think having flexible backend is nicety....
and it may allow for better performance in some platforms...
(SGI :-)