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Re: New schema

At 12:15 AM 4/30/99 +0200, Julio Sanchez wrote:
>What do you think, Kurt? Should I place it in nadf.schema

I think we should treat NADF schema as "optional" or
"contributed" schema for now.  I'd leave creation of
nadf.schema for later. 

> should I start a deprecated.schema with this?

Well, "deprecated" schema could be a fourth category of
items...  I guess I rather just delete those that fall
into this category.

I think we really need to split out our "core" schema from
"optional" and "contributed" (and "deprecated").  The more we
inlcude by default the less freedom we give our users (as
each inclusion eats namespace).

I'm thinking we should create a "core.schema" that includes
all items who's use is detailed in RFC2251-RFC2256 plus
RFC2247 and RFC2377 plus OpenLDAP-specific "core" items.
Any dependent items described elsewhere would also be

I'm still thinking that pilot.schema (RFC1274) should
be "optional," but those items required by RFC2247 or
RFC2377 (or RFC2251-RFC2256) be incorporated into

This is the only reorganization I think we should do
soon.  The rest can wait tell we have more code.