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Replication interopability


I'm implementing a configuration system for a large scale, highly
distributed UNIX-environment. LDAP seems to be a logical choice. The setup
is simple: one master server which contains the whole directory tree and
slave-servers keeping "their own" readonly partial replica for
fault-tolerance reasons. The directory data is only modified in the

I'd really like to run openldap on the replicas, but I feel that the
replication mechanism (slurpd) doesn't provide the flexibility I need on the
master-server (subtree replication, easy administration of replicas etc). I
been looking at the Netscape directory server as a master, with its supplier
initiated replication, but unfortunately it's LDAP v3 only...

So my Q's are:

Has anybody been able to implement a similar replicated directory service,
with OpenLDAP running on the replicas and a commercial product as master?

Are there any plans for implementing subtree replication with slurpd?

Anders Mattsson