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Re: Root DSE

From: Kurt D. Zeilenga <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org>
> At 06:37 PM 4/19/99 +0200, Julio Sánchez Fernández wrote:
> >Am I right in thinking that the schema requires an overhaul of
> >the config file?
> Our schema parser (current U-Mich style specification) definitely
> needs to be updated.  We could extend the parser (ala NetscapeDS)
> to support v3ism... implement an ASN.1 schema parser... or
> use an LDIF format input.
> I've been thinking that using LDIF for schema might work out
> nicely.  In fact, I'm thinking we can (ab)use LDIF for most
> everywhere we need to exchange information!

Hmm.. this occurred to me too, indeed I thought that was part of the point
of moving the meta-schema info into the directory itself. How much does the
subschema subentry actually encompass?

Moving configuration details into LDIF/directory would be nice too for
server 'introspection' (to hijack the Java term).

<brainstorm>The gated/BIND8 configuration file format is pretty generic. I
imagine, altho' haven't thought too hard, that it would handle ACL well.
Just a glib thought.</>