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search base limits

I was forced to make a change to slapd in search.c due to the breadth of
our directory, and I was wondering if anyone thought it would be terribly
useful as a more generalized patch-- mabye not since the project goals
talked about a proxy server in the future.  Something like:

limit to <base>  by <who> for <what [variables]>
	possible whats could be sizelimit or timelimit
limit to "ou=dept,o=org,c=us" by * for sizelimit 1 300

Or adding to the ACL code somehow.  The difference from ACLs is that it
substitues for the default values before the search is issued.  I haven't
looked into how hard a generalized solution would be yet.  I just changed
the  be_sizelimit for the duration of a onelevel search of a specific base
which suited my purpose (we want to limit search returns to 50, but have
over 200 top level departments and the limit of 50 would prevent browsing).