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Re: Segfault in OpenLDAP 1.2.0

At 10:46 -0500 30 March 1999, Elliot Lee <sopwith> wrote:

> When I use gq in browse mode, the following segv happens in slapd. In
> acl_get_applicable(), the 'edn' variable is the one that is NULL.
> 'edn' is set at acl.c:124 - the 'e' structure that it comes from looks
> like:

I recently ran into the same bug (only using ldapsearch, not gq), but
hadn't had time to send in a report. I'm running OpenLDAP 1.2.0 on
Solaris 2.6. Works fine otherwise; hitting cn=monitor doesn't crash it.
I don't really need this, so undefining SLAPD_DN_CONFIG is an acceptable
workaround, but it might be nice at some point.

John Hensley <hensley@merit.edu>
Merit Network, Inc.