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Re: [ldap] LDAP SDK API question.

The Mozilla code is implemented is implemented both ways. The timeout
value is sent to the server thus the server could timeout. The ldap_search_st()
calls the ldap_result() function and passes the timeout. ldap_result() will
also return when the timeout duration has elapsed.

The OpenLDAP seems to rely on the ldap_result() function to perform
the timeout. However the as the search is sent to the server the member timelimit
var of the LDAP structure is sent. I consider this an incorrect implementation
because the timelimit var of the LDAP structure can never be overridden
with the timeout value passed to ldap_search_st().

Thought I'd cross post the to the OpenLDAP group.


Ian Bruce wrote:

> Does the ldap_search_st() function depend in any way on the server or is it just
> a client side timeout mechanism?
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