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Re: HEADS UP: new SLAPD Connection Management Infrastructure==>Not working on IRIX...

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

> I've committed changes to slapd's connection management infrastructure
> designed to resolve two race conditions in SLAPD's front end.
>         - ops after bind race may get old bind parameters
>         - close race(s)
> The code supports both threaded and non-threaded environments.
> The code is preliminary.  Testing so far has been limited.
> Known issues:
>         - inetd support
>         - cn=monitor counters
> Both of these issues will be resolved soon.
> Kurt

This is not working on IRIX at least....not sure if this is due to other
recent changes, though.

My tests hang on the ldapsearch part...will try my linux Box to see what

                                                        Regards, Juan