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Re: ITS#98 'user' patch for BSD systems

> BTW, I prefer names slap_ngids, slap_uid and so on.  Without some
> namespace cleanup we'll have a clash with a backend variable some day.

Good point.  I can't think why I didn't do it that way.

> > (Note that we don't really want to issue a warning if we find another
> > user statement unless we actually go to the trouble to ensure that the
> > first one was not from the command line.)
> Why not?  I'd think exactly the opposite: 'user' is mostly a security
> feature, and the program should abort if it can't/won't obey the
> requested security.

Law of Least Astonishment.  Users will expect the command line to be
able to override the config file.  Generally, if they use the user
config command, they will probably only be using the command-line
option for some sort of testing.