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Re: General slapd backend enhancement (ITS#97)

Howard Chu wrote: 
> Well, one other feature that I found useful - a referral caching backend. We
> found that the Microsoft LDAP client DLL didn't do anything intelligent with
> referrals that it received. E.g., if the client asks server A for /x/y and
> server A refers this to server B, then later the client will still ask
> server A for /x/y/z. At this point, server A knows nothing and fails the
> search. With my ref backend, server A will remember that /x/y was a referral
> point, and will always refer anything under /x/y to server B. This is a
> fairly simple change.

I'd have to chew on this one a bit...

> I have done further development on a passwd backend and can send the
> preliminary work on that, but I've already mentioned that in a separate
> email.

Seems like we're getting lots of postings on back-passwd.  I've always
thought of it being an 'example' backend.  However, patches are welcomed.
You might review recent discussions and ITS#40.

> One that I've been working on but not quite completed is a "meta-directory"
> backend. This is a backend that maps another independent directory server
> into the current server's tree. E.g., Server A with base /x/y and Server B
> with base /1/2, Server A can return info from Server B as /x/y/1/2. The
> problems with this backend relate to identifying all attributes with DN
> syntax and rewriting them correctly in data returned from Server B.
> Obviously some work is required in importing the complete schemas from
> subordinate servers. There is also a desire to remap portions of the
> subordinate trees, so that you can treat e.g. /1/2 as /x/y/2, etc...

This is quite similiar to the "proxy" ldap backend meantioned on our
TODO list.