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Re: ITS#98 'user' patch for BSD systems

At 01:19 PM 3/12/99 -0800, patl@phoenix.volant.org wrote:
>It isn't really clear to me what is the right way to submit a patch
>for an existing bug.

This isn't documented well as it should be...

You have to submit a followup using e-mail.  Address the
e-mail to <openldap-its@openldap.org> and be sure to include
the issue identifier string (ITS#98) in the subject line.
The system keys off of this string to relate your e-mail with
the existing ITS.

>I've combined the patches, prepended a copyright, and stuck them on
>my FTP server at

Thanks.  Bill and/or Hallvard will contact you as needed.

>That's more or less what I'm doing; but I put it in the config file
>instead of on the command line.  Command line options could be added
>to override the config file values; if anyone is sufficiently motivated.

Agreed, my comments were only meant to augment the request for enhancement
with additional information.   As with all OpenLDAP development:
necessity is the mother of invention.