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BeOS port of openldap 1.2.0

Here is a set of patches and instructions for patching openldap 1.2.0 to
compile under BeOS.  The patches mainly just ifdef BEOS in for read/write
to be send/recv and change a few closes to tcp_closes.

The other part consists of a library.  which has declerations to get the
syslog, and errlist stuff working along with lockf.

I haven't attached any licenses or copyrights to this because it is pretty
much all based of GPL code.  the lockf stuff came from the libroot source
distributed with BeOS R4, in  the /boot/optional/gnu folder.  ;)

Hope this helps.

the url is:

I can send the tarball if you want it is about 6k.

Allen Reese
Senior Software Engineer
Driversoft, Inc.