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Re: Anyone interested in a OpenLDAP => BeOS Port?

At 07:27 PM 3/9/99 -0800, Steffen Yount wrote:
>How hard do you think a port to the BeOS would be?

I would think it would be very straight forward with the
possible exception of slapd/slurpd.  It particular,
	- backend database
	- syslog support

There may be ports of Berkeley DB2 and/or GDBM available.
Otherwise, you could develop the necessary LDBM glue to
a BeOS specific DBM.

Syslog, if not support, could just be disabled.

>Would it be better to wait till after OpenLDAP 2.0 with more threading support?

No.  If BeOS doesn't support Posix threads (or other supported
thread API), you'll need to implement the appropriate ldap_pvt_thread()
functions for BeOS.  The ldap_pvt_thread API is the same for 1.2-release
and 2.0-devel.  It's not likely to change much (at least not at
the glue level).

>Is anyone interested?

Sure.  Feel free to dive on in.  If any issues arise, post to this
group.  Also, please review our guidelines for contributing and programming.