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Anyone interested in a OpenLDAP => BeOS Port?

The Be Operating System has many of the building blocks to be an LDAP
Server Beast. (http://www.be.com/products/index.html)

The BeOS has an extendable file attribute database built into it's fast
journaling filesystem, which could be tapped by an LDAP backend. (Quite a
few BeOS apps use the filesystem to keep databases of addresses and phone

The BeOS was also built on a model of pervasive multithreading. So a
multithreaded OpenLDAP server could scale extreemly well with a system
using 2 to 4+ processors.

Also the BeOS sports a Bash shell, a Posix compatibility layer, and most
of the GNU tools.

How hard do you think a port to the BeOS would be?

Would it be better to wait till after OpenLDAP 2.0 with more threading support?

Is anyone interested?




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