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Re: initial attempt at a modrdn fix

>It would be _much_ easier to review the code if you submit each change
>as a separate patch.

YES!   Please read and follow our contributing/programming guidelines.

 * One patch per fix/enhancement
 * One fix/enhancement per patch.
 * SUBMIT each patch SEPARATELY to our ITS system.
   (however, detail dependencies between related ITS).

This list, of course, should be discuss development issues.

>..oh, and send it with a mailer which doesn't break lines.
>Or send it as base64 or uuencoded, so there are no lines to break.

Do not post large patches to mailing lists.  Remember, this is a
DISCUSSION list and not a submission list.  So patches in non-human
readable forms should NOT be posted.

>Or put it up for FTP or HTTP and publish its URL instead.

As noted in our guidelines, you should provide a URL to your patch.
You can upload the patch to our server, if necessary.