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Re: Patch OpenLDAP 1.1.3-release to Cygwin b20 (ITS#61)


[moving discussion to -devel...]
RE: http://www.openldap.org/its/Software%20Enhancements?id=61

I've reviewed your changes and think we can integrate them
without too many headaches.

I've made some change in our devel (HEAD) branch to help
facilate GNU win32 environments.  Including:

Added config tests:
  AC_CHECK_HEADERS(sysexits.h resolv.h arpa/nameserv.h)

Added <ac/sysexits.h> to include <sysexits.h> or "sysexits-compat.h"
depending on HAVE_SYSEXITS_H.  This eliminates the need to play
symlink games.  Updated codes to include new header.

Updated <ac/socket.h> based upon new header checks.

The mkdep change to -MM use is not very desirable as we use <ac/foo.h>
and <foo.h> when including our non-local headers.  I rather have mkdep
sed(1) the file paths as needed.

The make files change are okay... however AC_EXEEXT/OBJEXT define
@EXEEXT@/@OBJEXT@.  Following autoconf's example, I've defined
$(EXEEXT) and $(OBJEXT).  I assume that $(EXE) and $(OBJ) are more
likely to conflict with other make variables.

I'm also working on a mkversion script to generate version.c
files.  This would eliminate the version.c templates.  I'll try
to commit this weekend.