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Re: slapd index's

Robert Rothlisberger wrote:

>         I noticed while searching for an error that slapd
>         does not remove entries from the index files (gdbm).
>         Any reason for that?


Since the filter test ensures that search
results come out correct, the overhead of
removing IDs from the indices is not required.

FYI we made the change to keep the indices
updates on deletes in the Netscape server
a while ago. And the change to keep the indices
updated on modifies somewhat more recently.
Once you have a transacted store, the performance
equation changes and the benefit to not maintaining
the indexes on deletes is less profound.
(If you make the change, remember to
change the code in both places :)

Also, if you have accurate equality indices,
some search optimizations become possible
which aren't otherwise.