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Re: Modifications to support ModifyDNRequest (LDAP v3): comments?

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

> At 04:01 PM 1/20/99 -0800, Juan Carlos Gomez wrote:
> >Just wanted to bounce this through your minds to make sure I am not
> >missing anything.
> I've a conn->c_protocol which should be appropriately checked.
> Currently it's 0 until the client succesfully binds then is
> updated with the version provided in the bind.

Kurt,You probably were talking about conn->c_version? This is the one that
getsset in bind(). And it gets set to 30 not 3,  may be we need to use

> Per the v3 spec, if any operation is done before the
> bind, v3 should be assumed.  However, to be compatible
> with existing implementations I rather not assume it's a v3
> client until they do something non-U-Mich'ish (like supplying
> a newSuperior).
> If 2, then it is an error to provide a newSuperior.
> If 3, okay.
> If 0, okay but set it to 3.
> Of course, to test this, you'll need to anonymously do the
> dn rename as our bind returns an error if the protocol is not v2.
> I'll try to add in the v3 (simple) bind support in soon.

Regards, Juan