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1.1.3 snapshot available for testing

I've made a snapshot of 1.1.3 available for testing:

I'm still working on some slapd/delete related issues with this
and previous 1.1 releases, however this version contains fixes
for numerous other problems.

Changes included in OpenLDAP 1.1.3
    Updated LICENSE to allow open use of linked software
    Updated docs
    Fixed slapd/ldbm/delete initialization bug (ITS#31)
    Fixed slapd/ldif2ldbm MAXARGS bug (ITS#34)
    Fixed slapd/delete bugs (ITS#38)
    Fixed slapd/strtok needs mutex bug
    Fixed slapd/tcpd DoS bug
    Fixed slapd/tcpd denied cleanup bug (ITS#44)
    Fixed slapd/add,delete,modrdn parent lock bug
    Fixed ud bogus msgfree bug (ITS#43)
    Updated ldap.conf to support LDAPNOINIT
    Updated lthread to provide sched_yield() if missing
    Updated slapd/modrdn ACL handling
    Updated slapd/search deallocation
    Updated slapd to use pthread_detach()
    Updated slapd thread initialization
    Updated slapd shutdown code to use condition wait
    Updated slapd alias deref to be optional
    Build environment
        Added DB2 patch information
        Added distclean target
        Added pthread sys/types.h compatibility check
        Fixed doc/man reinstall bug
        Fixed make clean
        Fixed --disable-slurpd
        Fixed VPATH support
        Fixed REENTRANT multiple definition issue
        Updated pthread checking
        Updated res_search check
        Updated library linking