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Re: dn_normalize_case()

According to "Kurt D. Zeilenga":

> I've modified slapd to maintain normalized, uppercased strings for
> both cache entries and operations.   As such, there is a lot
> less redundant and scatters dn normalization/uppercasing going on.
> Most is now done on the front end.
I wonder if the cache would not benefit from a hashing algorithm?  No, I 
haven't looked, but given that Linux apparently found it beneficial to 
hash IP connection information (I think the other free Unixes followed 
suit), I can well imagine a cache getting unreasonable speed ups by a 
well designed hashing scheme.  Given Kurt's work at normalisation, 
adding hashing should not turn out too vast a task.

I remember a suggestion that all cache operations be moved into a 
single "module", perhaps this is the time to treat the cashe as its own 
database and perhaps even use DB's hashing on it (if one can apply it 
to a memory data structure).

I may just have shown real ignorance above, I hope not.  Don't hesitate 
to let me know (gently :-) if I have.