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Re: Openldap ldbm cache corruption

Robert Streich wrote:
> >2)  I believe we should consider moving to a per-backend
> >reader/writer lock instead of per-entry reader/writer locks.
> >I believe per-entry locks are too fine grain and hinder
> >preformance.
> I agree. I haven't looked at the existing lock algorithms but writers
> should be given strong priority on a per-backend lock.

I think we will need to experiment here.  With the current r/w lock
implementation, writers might wait indefinately.  However, I prefer this to
readers wait indefinately.  We could implement a more sophisticed r/w lock to
try to balance the demand.  (We could have an option to select READER_PRIORITY,
WRITER_PRIORITY, BALANCED).   I would suggest such experimentation should wait
until after implementation of per-backend locking.