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Re: Can '--site-includes' and '--site-libs' be provided as conf options

According to Yusuf Goolamabbas:

> Hi, XEmacs <http://www.xemacs.org> provides (IMHO) a good way to link
> in site specific libraries and include files via '--site-includes' and 
> '--site-libraries' options to configure. This would make it easy to
> link libraries such as Berkeley DB2 which might be in non standard
> places 
I found the same problem when building for NetBSD, but forgot to bring 
it up with Kurt.  My solution was to run:

	CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include ./configure ...

but a --site-includedir and --site-libdir or somesuch would be welcome. 
I think these would have to be cumulative to work reliably, but I'm a 
bit vague about autoconf.

I also wonder if there is any mechanism to preload these options in a 
site- or even host-specific manner.  I generally forget the options I 
used for a particular package by the time the next release comes along.