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Re: SASL, TLS and SSLv3

At 11:34 AM 12/2/98 -0800, patl@phoenix.volant.org wrote:
>It is my understanding that the US government has no restrictions on
>crypto technology which is used -only- for authentication.  (E.g.,
>digital signatures.)

After much research and consulting with a number of experts, I have come
to the belief that US gov't, besides restricting the exportation of
encryption technology, also restricts exportation of supporting technologies
including authentication technologies, key exchange technology, and
encryption frameworks.  

However, these restrictions are AVOIDABLE as demonstrated by a
number of other US-based open source projects.   We will be employ
similar technics.

The primary issue with open source use and distribution of these
technologies is dealing with patents and other encumbrances.   These
are also resolvable.

I hope to have these issues sorted out soon.