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Re: SASL, TLS and SSLv3

On  1 Dec, Jon Parry-McCulloch wrote:
> Greetings,
> Forgive me if this is not the place for this question, but I am trying
> to find out at what stage the work is at to implement SASL and TLS/SSLv3
> into OpenLDAP.
> If someone is already working on this aspect then I'd be more than keen
> to lend my assistance; if it's been done already, thewn I'd appreciate
> pointers to where I can find it.
> Many thanks
> Jon
As a non-US citizen (a.k.a. a potential terrorist according to the US
gov.), I am not sure if I could still download the software if it has
encryption support. I don't really mind lying about whether I am in the
US or not, but I guess somebody owning some server would be doing
illegal things if he allows me to download.

It seems a good idea to me to resolve any legal issues before
incorporating encryption into openldap. Otherwise openldap wouldn't be
open anymore.

// Bart Hartgers  <Hartgers@kfm1.phys.tue.nl>
// UCE NOT wanted!!