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OpenLDAP 1.1 BETA Available


        OpenLDAP 1.1 BETA

        The OpenLDAP Project is pleased to announce the availability
        of OpenLDAP BETA Release 1.1, a suite of the Lightweight Weight
        Directory Protocol servers, clients, utilities, and development tools.

        OpenLDAP is derived from University of Michigan LDAP release 3.3.

    This release includes the following components:

        - slapd - a stand-alone LDAP directory server
        - slurpd - a stand-alone LDAP replication server
        - ldapd - an LDAP-to-X.500 gateway server
        - centipede - an LDAP centroid generation and maintenance program
        - libldap - an LDAP client library
        - liblber - a lightweight BER/DER encoding/decoding library
        - ldif tools - data conversion tools for use with slapd
        - in.xfingerd - a finger-to-LDAP gateway server
        - go500 - a gopher-to-LDAP gateway server for searching
        - go500gw - a gopher-to-LDAP gateway server for searching and browsing
        - rcpt500 - an email-to-LDAP query responder
        - mail500 - an LDAP-capable mailer
        - fax500 - an LDAP-capable mailer that supports remote printing
        - LDAP tools - A collection of shell-based LDAP utility programs

    In addition, there are some contributed components:

        - gtk-tool - a demonstration ldap interface written gtk
        - php3-tool - a demonstration ldap interface written php3 
        - saucer - a simple command-line oriented client program
        - whois++d - a WHOIS++-to-LDAP gateway

    Changes from OpenLDAP 1.0
        - improved build environment with dynamic library support,
        - externally configurable client library support: ldap.conf(5),
        - improved password security features include SHA1, MD5, crypt(3)
          user and root passwords instead of clear-text password,
        - integrated SDK and tools for MS NT,
        - platforms updates, and
        - numerous bug fixes and build changes.

    Changes from U. Mich release 3.3
        - TCP Wrappers support added to slapd,
        - Berkely DB2 compatibility added to slapd,
        - ACL enhancements including Access by Group and POSIX regex(3) support,
        - platforms updates, and
        - numerous bug fixes and build changes.

    See the CHANGES file in the distribution for more details.

    This software is available under the OpenLDAP Public License and is
    available at:



    The software is provided as is without any express or implied
    warranty, but there is a bug reporting mail address which is
    responded to on a best-effort basis:


    In addition, there is a discussion list for issues relating to this
    implementation of OpenLDAP:

        OpenLDAP-devel@OpenLDAP.org             -- discussion list
        OpenLDAP-devel-request@OpenLDAP.org     -- to join the list

    The OpenLDAP home page containing lots of interesting information
    and online documentation is available at this URL: