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Re: DEN schema for OpenLDAP [was Re: openldap supplanting and working with others]

At 10:02 25.11.98 -0500, Larry S. Bartz wrote:
>We'll need DEN to enable interoperability with other LDAPv3-fronted
>services such as NDS, Active Directory, and several X.500 products.
>The DEN schema is open, multi-vendor supported, and will be used
>by application environments from Cisco, Lucent, 3Com, Bay (Nortel),
>Tivoli, and more, in addition to Novell and Micro$oft.

....and woefully incomplete.
Look at what's specified in the spec as "relationships", try
to find out how they are represented in the LDAP schema, and try
to figure out how to manage anything without this info.

"Will be used" is right; when completed, this will be important.
But it's not there yet.

                  Harald A

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, Maxware, Norway