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Re: mkdep without `cc -M'

At 10:09 AM 11/25/98 +0100, Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>Has anyone got a small mkdep program which build/mkdep can use and which
>e.g. parses the cc -E output instead of depending on the cc -M option?
>/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc calls the "mkdep option" `-xM' or `-xM1':
>     -xM  (...) generates makefile dependencies and sends the result
>          to the standard output (...)
>     -xM1 Same as -xM except that -xM1 does not report dependencies
>          for /usr/include header files.  (...)

I suspect the easiest thing to do is for autoconf to detect which
to use and then to pass it to mkdep as an additional argument.

Of course, -x has special meaning on some compilers.

We could switch to something that used -E or cpp directly, but that
raises other portability issues.

I'll look about at other packages and see how they resolve this