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PHP3 client

Sorry, there was no news from me for quote some time now.

OK so here it is: 
if anyone is interested, the HEAD (development) branch now contains a
php3 client that can be used on your webserver somewhere, if you want
people to be able to search and browse through your LDAP tree using only
a web browser. Also, there is a Gtk-- version, crippled version may I
add, that I so enthusiastically prepared for you, but alas, there are
some problems with Gtk+ itself and development on that piece of code has
stopped untill they fix one of their design flaws. Or untill I decide to
go a long way around the flaw. But the code, if demand is high enough,
will be put into contrib aswell. Well, enough hype from me, anyone
interested in it should check out the HEAD branch,it's in
contrib/php3-tool. Questions, comments, blame me someone?