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-devel client library has been extended to read defaults from
a configuration files ($sysconfdir/ldap/ldap.conf, ~/.ldaprc,
./ldaprc) and from environment variables. 

The configuration file purpose is to reduce dependency upon
compiled in defaults.  The file is meant to compliment
per application configuration files, not replace them.

The file can be used set library defaults, including
base dn, host, port, sizelimit, timelimit, and deref.
An example is attached.

Environment variables for attributes have the prefix
"LDAP".  LDAPHOST, for example, can be used to specify
the default host.

I would appreciate your constructive comments.   Should
this made available as part of 1.1?   (1.1 should be
in BETA by this weekend).


Sample file:
# LDAP Defaults

BASE    dc=OpenLDAP, dc=Org
HOST    ldap.openldap.org

#HOST   ldap.openldap.org ldap-master.openldap.org:666
#PORT   389

#DEREF      never