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finding non-system headers

I'm having a problem with the configure script in the current devel
snapshot.  My gdbm header and library are not in the system directories,
and the configure script won't find them.  I tried using the
--includedeir and --libdir options, but they didn't help.  I checked
in the configure script, and the line that checks for gdbm is

ac_try="$ac_cpp conftest.$ac_ext >/dev/null 2>conftest.out"
{ (eval echo configure:4425: \"$ac_try\") 1>&5; (eval $ac_try) 2>&5; }

This doesn't have any reference to the includedir, so it's not
going to find any headers that aren't in the system directory.  I
don't believe it's reasonable to assume that all headers are always
going to be in the system directories.  My situation is that I don't
have permission to put things in those directories, and don't feel like
begging Operations to do it.  I don't know if this is an autoconf utility
problem, or a bug in the configure.in script.  I do think it deserves
some attention, though.

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