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DirConnect3 results

OpenLDAP partipated in last week's DirConnect3, a LDAP
interoperabiity test.  The test went quite well.  Here
is a summary of my notes concerning issues with
OpenLDAP 1.0.2.


IDC LDIF: OpenLDAP doesn't support languages tags
	Impact:		minor
	Resoluton:	removed tags

IDC schema organizationalPerson "employeeNumber" attribute
	Impact:		minor
	Resolution:	added attribute

BLITS	Malformed DN
	OpenLDAP slapd returned NO_SUCH_OBJECT (32)
	Impact:		minor
	Resolution:	not required

BLITS ldapsearch with >= filter
	Failed to find entry equal to filter.
	Impact:		medium
	Resolution:	applied bugfix

MODRDN test: update RDN attribute
	OpenLDAP slapd failed to modify value of RDN
	Impact:		medium
	Resolution:	none